Why should you rent an airline trolley?

Custom airline trolleys

Why should you rent an airline trolley?

TRAP trading is the number one in Europe when it comes to (used) airline equipment like trolleys and galley containers. Our galley equipment can be used as furniture in businesses and living spaces alike for a modern, industrial look. As an expert in our field of trading, we noticed that more and more customers were requesting an option for temporary airline furniture. That’s why we’ve set up our aviation furniture rental. Fully customizable and high quality, just like our airline trolleys for sale.

When to rent galley equipment

Rental galley equipment can be used for many different purposes. For instance, use an airline trolley as catering or bar equipment at private events, weddings or birthday parties. Aviation furniture also comes in handy for business or marketing events. Add your company logo to our furniture for some original promo material at any event. Catering and hospitality businesses can also use our airline trolleys for storing food or equipment. Of course, aviation furniture also comes in handy in the creative industry. Our secondhand rental furniture is used on movie sets and photoshoots alike. Lastly, we also offer our secondhand aviation furniture for rent to airlines in peak season.

Special airline containers

A great thing about our airline trolley rental is that your needs are our number one priority. You can rent one airline trolley for a couple of days, or a whole collection of them for a few weeks. There’s no need to purchase large quantities of furniture for a party or special function. Simply rent out our aviation furniture and we’ll pick it back up once your event is done. Our inflight rentals are available throughout the entirety of Europe.

Aviation furniture rental at TRAP Trading

At TRAP Trading, we know everything there is to know about aviation furniture. We offer a large rental stock of used half-size and full-sized trolleys, as well as galley containers, waste trolleys, drawers and oven racks. The best thing is that our furniture is fully customizable. Add for instance your company logo or campaign slogan to the side of an airline trolley. It’ll make a unique promo item for a business fair or special event. You can also go for a print or work of art to fit the theme of a party: the possibilities are endless. Our galley equipment for rent comes straight from well-known airlines such as KLM, Transavia or Etihad. That means durable materials and a 100% authentic look. Of course, we thoroughly check our equipment before putting it back on the rental market, making sure you always receive items that work well.

Looking to rent some aviation furniture for a party, event, or some other function? We’d love to show you our large rental stock of airline trolleys and gally containers. Simply contact us through our website, and together we’ll find the perfect aviation equipment for your event.

Airline-trolley at hairdresser salon