Full and half size aviation trolley for sale

A plane cart makes a unique, handy piece of furniture for your home or your business. Imagine for instance using a galley cart bar to store your wine collection in the kitchen, using it as a nightstand in the bedroom or as a supply cabinet in the office. The possibilities are endless. TRAP Trading buys and sells aviation trolleys and airline trolley accessories from well-known airlines such as KLM, Alitalia or Lufthansa. You can come to us for both a used and brand new authentic galley trolley in full or half size.

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An authentic galley container for your interior

An ATLAS trolley from our collection, whether it’s new or vintage, always complies with standard aviation guidelines. This makes an aviation trolley a sturdy, industrial looking piece of furniture. Perfect to use in restaurants, medical clinics, office spaces and more. A galley cart is always thoroughly inspected and cleaned by us before being resold. Do bear in mind however that a used aviation trolley will have signs of use, like dents and scratches. These can easily be hidden with one of our custom prints, or you can choose to buy a brand new plane cart with us.

Refurbished galley trolleys

Take a look at our portfolio of upcycled aviation trolleys to get an idea of the many ways in which you can customize one of our galley carts. We can print and apply your company logan, a promotional slogan, a work of art or any other type of print. With the right galley cart drawers inside, your new plane cart is ready to be used to store documents, equipment, ingredients or anything else you can think of. Most of the galley carts we sell comply with ATLAS standards: this is important to remember, as these carts are slightly smaller than KSSU carts. An ATLAS drawer will not fit into a KSSU galley trolley and vice versa.

The price of an authentic galley cart

Whether you are looking for airline galley cart drawers or a galley container (to use as a nightstand, for instance): we can help you find it. Even if the airline equipment of your dreams is not within our product range. Simply send us a clear photo or description of the product, and we will use our extensive network of resellers and manufacturers to try and find it for you. The price of a galley cart depends on several factors, such as the age of the equipment and the design you want. Feel free to contact us with any ideas for customization or any questions you may have, and we can give you a clearer indication.