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Airitaly/Meridiana Eurofly oven rack with 7 inserts



Produced by Iacobucci

Height 42.5cm
Deep 40.5cm
Width 23.5cm Unused, with possible minor scratches.

It’s nice to use in your office as a storage unit or binder for your paperwork. A must-have for the collector of Aviation galley equipment.


Out of stock

Wikipedia: Eurofly was founded in 1989 by the Eurofly Service, founded in 1987, which was reorganized in 1989 and passed into the hands of Alitalia (45%), Olivette (45%) and San Paolo Finance (10%). In 2000 it was fully taken over by Alitalia. In 2003, 80% came into the hands of Banca Profilo. In 2006, Meridiana took a 29.9% stake in the company.