Night stand Apple green


The XL galley container is transformed in to a very cool stroller and fits each interior.

We have been manufacturing customized aviation furniture together with our production partners of the highest quality with timeless and unique aviation-inspired designs since 2019.

The XL unit is made of an original sized aeroplane unit.

It will be delivered with 3 brand new atlas drawers.

In order to provide excellent mobility, we have equipped it with double castors and brakes on the front wheels.

You can personalise the equipment and turn this multifunctional furniture into anything from a stool or side table, night stand to a dresser or coffee table.

Airplane unit: ATLAS-Norm, no flight experience

  • Type: XL unit
  • Material: green powdercoated aluminium
  • Exterior dimensions in cm (Height / Width / Depth): 53.5 / 29.2 / 42
  • Empty weight: 6 kg
  • Door: lockable
  • Interior fittings: 3 pp atlas drawers
  • Castors: double castors with front brakes