Airplane trolley for catering

An airplane trolley is used on board of an aircraft to serve food and drinks to passengers. Anyone who has ever been on a plane will recognize it: it’s a slender, aluminium cart that rolls down the aisle easily. At TRAP Trading, we specialize in buying and selling airplane drink carts from renowned airlines all over the world. We offer both used, upcycled and brand new airplane galley carts. An airline cart bar – or carello dell’aereo/carro de avión in Italian and Spanish – can also easily be used on the ground, for instance in a restaurant or catering business. Have a look at our current stock and find out what one of our airplane food trolleys can add to your business!

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Used and brand new airplane drinks trolley

Whether you are buying an upcycled airplane drink cart or a brand new airplane trolley from us, our products always come with all original features intact. We always inspect and clean an airplane trolley thoroughly before reselling. Both old and new airline drink carts comply with all aviation regulations, making them safe to use in a business environment. A vintage airplane food trolley will be from any of the following airlines:

  • KLM
  • Sabena
  • Transavia
  • Lufthansa
  • TAP Portugal
  • Alitalia
  • Delta
  • American Airlines
  • Etihad
  • Emirates

Please bear in mind that a used airline drink cart will have signs of use, such as dents or scratches. A refurbished or new airplane trolley can be customised with a print of your choice.

Airline cart bar with a catering box

As it’s used to store food and drinks in the air, naturally an airplane drink cart can also be used for the same purpose on the ground. An aviation catering container makes a great addition to any kitchen, restaurant or catering business. Use the cart to store plates and trays, to easily move meals from the kitchen to the dining area or use it as a waste trolley to collect dirty dishes once customers are done eating. A refurbished airline drink cart adds character to any restaurant or business and helps you easily store all necessities.

Airline trolley for sale

Wondering about the price of an airline trolley? Our prices may vary depending on the type of airline cart you are looking for, as well as the level of customization you want. Obviously, a used airplane galley cart will be lower in price than a brand new one with your company logo printed on the side. Curious to see how we can refurbish an airline cart bar for you? Take a look at our portfolio of customized airplane trolleys, or contact us with your ideas.