Upcycled airline bar cart

Did you know that an airline bar cart is a Flugzeugtrolley in German and a chariot d’avion in French? Our upcycled airline beverage carts have flown all over the world and have thus been referred to in many languages. At TRAP Trading, we buy and sell airline food trolleys from well-known airlines such as Etihad, Emirates and KLM. These airline carts have travelled many miles before ending up in our collection, where we grant them a new life in your home or business. An airline food service cart is the perfect industrial addition to any interior.

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Authentic airline food cart for sale

Anyone who has ever been on a plane has seen them: the classic airline food service carts, driven along the aisle by flight attendants in order to offer food, drinks and duty free items to passengers. Airlines like Transavia, Lufthansa or Alitalia all use the same type of airline beverage cart, making it one of the most recognisable pieces of airline equipment. At TRAP Trading, we sell both used and brand new airline food trolleys to auctions, resellers and individuals from all over the world, all for a friendly price.

Add a refurbished airline galley cart bar to your interior

Whether you’re an aircraft lover looking for a cool addition to your kitchen, or a business owner wanting to add a unique touch to your office, store or event location: a vintage airline food trolley is the perfect piece of furniture for any occasion. An airline beverage cart bar is ideal for serving food and drinks during a party, or simply storing ingredients and condiments in your kitchen. TRAP trading offers both full size and half size airline beverage cart drawers, which you can turn into the perfect statement item in any room.

Vintage or brand new airline galley cart bar

Aside from an upcycled airline food trolley, you can also find brand new airline equipment with us. Are you looking for a specific type of airline beverage cart that is not in our current product range? With a clear description or photo of the type of airline bar cart you are looking for, we can scour the web for you. If we find the perfect piece of airline equipment for you, we will immediately send you a photo and a quotation, in the hopes of helping you purchase the collectors item of your dreams.

We also offer customized designs for airline food and beverage carts. Consider for instance a print of your favourite art work or your company logo. Both vintage and brand new airline bar carts can be customized this way. Take a look at our portfolio of customized airline furniture for some inspiration!