Used airline cart

TRAP Trading sells both used and brand new airline trolleys to resellers, auctions, aviation collectors and individuals all over the world. We have a passion for both aviation and industrial furniture, culminating in our collection of customized airline carts and other airline equipment. On our website you will be able to find a brand new airline service trolley that has never been used, as well as one that has flown with airlines such as Lufthansa, Etihad or KLM. Whether you’re looking for an atlas cart to add to your kitchen, or an airline trolley cart to use in your business: everything is possible. We can even help you find any specific aviation catering trolley you have your eyes set on, regardless of our own stock.

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A refurbished atlas galley cart for your business

On board, an airline trolley cart is used to serve passengers food and drinks and to offer them duty free items. Because of the strict regulations for airline equipment, airline cart drawers are pretty much indestructible, made from sturdy aluminium. They roll smoothly down the aisle of an airplane, even in the case of light turbulence. On the ground, this means that they are perfect for any business. Imagine for instance a refurbished airline service trolley being used to carry plates and trays in a restaurant, or storing doctor’s equipment in an upcycled airline trolley cart as a GP. You can use an atlas cart to store important documents in the office or add it to the office kitchen, storing coffee, tea, sugar and other supplies.

Authentic atlas half size trolley for sale

An aviation catering trolley also makes the perfect addition to your home. At TRAP trading, we specialize in customizing airline carts with different types of prints. Think for instance of a fun pattern, a company slogan or a work of art. An airline trolley is a real eye catcher in your living room or kitchen: use it to store wine or whiskey, or place it in your pantry to store dry ingredients. It also makes the perfect bathroom cabinet or, in the case of an atlas half size trolley, a night stand.

Upcycled and brand new airline carts

Whether you buy a vintage or a brand new airline cart from us: you can always rest assured that our airline trolleys are fully functional and have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected by us. A used airline service trolley may however have some dents or scratches from extensive use in the air. If you would rather have a completely scratch-free piece of furniture, we recommend buying one of our brand new airline carts. These also come with all original features of an airline service trolley.